WE COME TO YOULa Maison de Ste Claire provides an a-la-carte program specified to the group requirement as established with your teacher.
Students will receive an interactive e-Book at the completion of the workshop for revision.


La Maison de Ste Claire offers businesses a practical and innovative course in the French language, combining leading-edge technology with a long and successful class room experience which informs our approach to language teaching.

At La Maison de Ste Claire we offer a comprehensive program of accelerated learning in both the French language and its culture. We facilitate mastery of the language through our Corporate French Courses. Indeed, our approach is to educate by experience – teaching the French which is used in day-to-day life in France. In that way our teaching is focussed on the practical, so that the language learnt can be immediately applied in the real-world.

The objectives are to:

  • provide your team with the tools to maximise the competitive advantage of doing business in France through a mixture of in-depth background information and hands-on practical tips and solutions,
  • ensure the success of your international business venture by learning more about doing business in France and the French business culture and
  • develop strong motivation for higher proficiency in a convivial, environmentally friendly and relaxed atmosphere (for the Corporate Residential French Immersion Course, run on a 12-acre private property in northern NSW or at another convenient venue).

“A unique experience with guaranteed results.”
“Complete Immersion for accelerated language development.”
“A range of accompanied activities with focus on fun in learning.”
“Small but professional French language learning for everyone, at all levels.”

Personalised French Program

The Corporate French programs are personalised; - that is they are tailored to your particular needs. They take into account your real world challenges and your specific goals, so the courses are designed to teach the skills required. Examples from the corporate world are used as practical illustrations; these can then be adapted immediately in your business environment.

Your program is also personalised to suit your own time and venue considerations. This also provides an excellent environment for team building! Group exercises will teach your team how to communicate most effectively in French; this will save your company time, costly errors and help build stronger team relationships. You will enjoy a rewarding experience which will benefit every aspect of your life – and not only your intellect. French is a very romantic language!

La Maison de Ste Claire will support you every step of the way.

The la Maison de Ste Claire French Courses include:

  • Corporate Residential French Immersion Courses over periods which range from intensive week-ends, week-long or even longer periods. The format most appropriate to your needs will be discussed during your first introductory meeting.
  • Corporate French In-house Training: Here we provide a range of courses, from intensive week-ends, intensive week-long courses and extensive, modular French programs, weekly or twice weekly.
  • Online French Courses and the Live-Chat Packs. These can be completed independently or used to complement either of the two programs above. Your tutor will guide you through the relevant videos to help you progress through to the completion of the course appropriate to your level.

The Procedure to Follow

  • Please contact la Maison de Ste Claire for availability and to confirm your booking, please send a deposit of $150. Full-payment is due a month before the start of your program and please send a request for an invoice if needed.

    Please, if you would like to pay the DEPOSIT ONLY by card NOW.

Once you’ve paid the deposit,

  • Please complete the Student Information Form and return by email or snail mail. Please specify any dietary requirement and/or food allergies.
  • You will be provided with our mobile numbers, meeting point for airport pick-up, What to Bring List and other General Information .
  • For your oral assessment, please send an mp3 file with a recording of the question with your answer to each question (Download the questions here). Please do so in an impromptu manner as to allow a truthful assessment so we could better prepare materials for your positive development.

    For your writing assessment, please send a 200 word essay on “Mes dernières vacances” for everyone and for the French Advance/Extension students, please also send a second essay with the topic of “Le bonheur, qu’est-ce que ca veut dire pour toi?” (either in .pdf, word or pages documents).

    Both assessments are to be emailed to this email address a month prior to the start of your French Immersion Program at la Maison de Ste Claire.
    Send us your flight details, once purchased. The closest airport to la Maison de Ste Claire is the Coolangatta Airport (OOL) on the Gold Coast, and we provide airport return transfer (at an extra cost). Airport pick-up at OOL is at 1030 hrs (NSW time) and departure from la Maison de Ste Claire on the last day is at 1430 hrs (NSW time), so please choose the appropriate arrival and departure times when booking your flights.

    The travel time from la Maison de Ste Claire to Coolangatta Airport is about 45 minutes. Please allow 1 hour for check-in prior to your flight's scheduled departure time and also make note of Daylight Savings if travelling between the 4/10/2020 to 4/04/2021, 3/10/2021 to 3/04/2022, 2/10/2022 to 2/04/2023, 1/10/2023 to 7/04/2024, 6/10/2024 to 6/04/2025.
  • If you are driving to la Maison de Ste Claire, please arrive by 1130 hrs on the first day.
  • Please bring either your Iphone or smartphone, or laptop, Ipad or tablet for the transfer of French materials such as videos, interactive e-books for revision and/or for Flipped Class situation. These materials are also for future revision and phonetic work once you leave la Maison de Ste Claire.



We believe in creating a multilingual World Community for World Peace and the development of spiritual growth.


is to act as a force of good throughout the world. We achieve this goal through education, ecology and ethics, and nurturing our love of humanity and nature, and celebrating the cultural and linguistics diversity of the world.


We embrace all the people of the world and belief in equality in humanity. And to have a heart that certainly beats with the pulsation of humanity.