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“Vivez à la française à la Maison de Ste Claire”
“Apprentissage chez l’habitant”

  • La Maison de Ste Claire is a Cultural and Linguistics Immersion Centre for French Learning, situated in Upper Crystal Creek, northern New South Wales. Here, the students revel in a relaxed and wholesome setting, in a convivial, family atmosphere.
  • Please visit la Maison de Ste Claire Facebook page for more videos and photos, feedback from students and freebies.
  • Our special thanks goes to all the parents for entrusting us with the French education of their children and for making this experience into a family tradition. We feel especially blessed to have been able to follow the progress of some of our students annually and biannually from Years 8 to 12, and even more so when we see the younger siblings as well attending our French Immersion Programs. We’ve hosted some amazing students here and have enjoyed having them. Merci infiniment!

We hope to welcome you again, see some new faces and thank you for sharing this information with your family, friends and colleagues. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Merci et à très bientôt!

“A unique experience with guaranteed results.”
“Complete Immersion for Accelerated Language Development.” “Small but professional French language learning for everyone, at all levels”

Residential French Immersion YOUTH Program at la Maison de Ste Claire

“Attend this course to fine-tune all your language skills and be well prepared to ace your high school French examinations.”

  • Enrolments are for students who are currently studying French at school.
  • An extensive French Course from beginner to the advance level: programs such as the NSW HSC Continuers and Extension, the VCE and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program etc.
  • Parents contact us directly and this is a program that requires no accompanying teacher or parent. Students from various schools have lessons together on our premises, a 12-acre property in northern NSW, Australia.

“Teachers constantly at hand to help”
“A range of accompanied activities with focus on fun in learning”

Your Teachers & Tutors

  • This program has been designed by our highly qualified team, led by Dr Gilles Berger.
  • Our language consultant, Dr Gilles Berger was awarded the highest distinction for a PhD (Doctorat de sciences du langage et linguistique) from the université de Franche-Comté in Applied Linguistics for his research on the Hybrid French Online Program for français langue étrangère (FLE) or French as a Foreign Language in October 2015 so Maison de Ste Claire could keep abreast with the cutting edge technology in language learning.
  • Both Dr Gilles Berger and Zarina Berger have presented papers in linguistics and participated in various International Conferences around the world for their Professional Development.
  • Our teachers are highly experienced and also well trained in français langue étrangère (FLE) or French as a Foreign Language.
  • All educators have the Working With Children Check.

Your time at la Maison de Ste Claire

  • You will be tested on the four skills of French language learning (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) to be placed in the appropriate program
  • Individual linguistics progress is accordingly catered for so we keep our groups small to ensure ample attention to each and everyone.
  • Our program will be covering all language skills and you will also do exercises from past-years’ examinations. Our main aim is to develop a strong confidence in our students for an accelerated language learning in the target language.
  • Throughout your time here, the teacher/s will help, encourage and suggest ways for independent learning.

Your Daily Routine

  • The morning starts with a delicious French or continental breakfast.
  • This is followed by an intensive four-hour French lesson, with a morning-tea break.
  • Lunches and dinners are mainly two to three-course meals, with provincial cuisines from throughout France. The type of food is of course, seasonal and we cater for specific dietary requirement whenever applicable.
  • Afternoon activities varies, which could include indoor games, role play, revision, playing pétanque, swimming in the pool, French cooking, gardening, bush walking, watching French Musicals or simply relaxing in this beautiful environment.
  • We encourage our students to converse in French throughout the day, in a very relaxed atmosphere.
  • An hour daily writing task (corrected and discussed in class the day after) before dinner.
  • Evening activities include watching French movies (subtitled in French).

It is a morning arrival on the first day, so you will have one session before lunch and another one from 15:00 to 17:00 hrs. The usual daily routine commences on the second day. Departure on the last day is in the afternoon, after the completion of your last morning session and lunch. In total, you will have 35 hours of formal lessons for a 7-Day Program (4 hours in the morning and 1 hour before dinner with interactive activities in French in the afternoons, daily).

Availability for 2019 & 2020

You may select any of the time-slot with availability that you are interesd in. Where the year level is specified, we will be concentrating on that age group. Otherwise (whence the year level is not specified), it’s based on the attendees where the level would be adapted accordingly in a coherent composite group or separate groups formed if the difference in level is prominent.

January 2020 Availability
Sun 19 to Sat 25 Jan 7-Day Program Yrs 11/12 Group 1: IB/NSW/HSC/ACT/VCE/QLD/WA/SA COMPLETED

April 2020 Availability
Sat 4 to Wed 8 Apr 5 Day Program Yr 12 Group 1: IB/NSW/HSC/ACT/VCE/QLD/WA/SA FULL
Thu 9 to Mon 13 Apr 5 Day Program Yr 12 Group 1: IB/NSW/HSC/ACT/VCE/QLD/WA/SA FULL
Tue 14 to Mon 20 Apr 7 Day Program Yrs 11/12 IB/NSW/HSC/ACT/VCE/QLD/WA/SA 4 spaces
Tue 21 to Mon 27 Apr 7 Day Program Yrs 9/10 IB/NSW/HSC/ACT/VCE/QLD/WA/SA 4 spaces

June & July 2020 Availability
Sat 20 to Fri 26 Jun 5 - 7 Day Program Yr 12 IB/NSW/HSC/ACT/VCE/QLD/WA/SA FULL
Sat 27 Jun to Fri 3 Jul 5 - 7 Day Program Yr 10/11 IB/NSW/HSC/ACT/VCE/QLD/WA/SA FULL
Sat 4 to Fri 10 Jul 7 Day Program Yrs 10/11 Group 1: IB/NSW/HSC/ACT/VCE/QLD/WA/SA NEW: 8 spaces
As above 7 Day Program Yrs 8/9 Group 2: IB/NSW/HSC/ACT/VCE/QLD/WA/SA NEW: 4 spaces
Sat 11 to Fri 17 Jul 5 - 7 Day Program Yr s10/11 IB/NSW/HSC/ACT/VCE/QLD/WA/SA FULL

September & October 2020 Availability
Thu 24 to Mon 28 Sep 5 Day Program Yr 8 Group 1: IB/NSW/HSC/ACT/VCE/QLD/WA/SA FULL
Tue 29 Sep to Sat 3 Oct 5 Day Program Yr 8 Group 1: IB/NSW/HSC/ACT/VCE/QLD/WA/SA FULL
Sun 4 to Sat 10 Oct 5 - 7 Day Program Yrs 10/11 IB/NSW/HSC/ACT/VCE/QLD/WA/SA 5 spaces

The Procedure to Follow

  • Please contact la Maison de Ste Claire for availability and to confirm your booking, please send a deposit of $150 (pricing and payment details below).
    Credit or Debit Card: Please, if you would like to pay the AUD$150 DEPOSIT by card NOW.
    Full-payment is due a month before the start of your program and please send a request for an invoice if needed.
  • Please complete the Student Information Form and the Parental Permission Form and return by email or snail mail. Please specify any dietary requirement and/or food allergies.
  • Send us your flight details, once purchased.
  • The closest airport to la Maison de Ste Claire is the Coolangatta Airport (OOL) on the Gold Coast, and we provide airport return transfer (complimentary for group pickup at OOL only).
  • Airport pick-up at OOL is at 1030 hrs (NSW time) and departure from la Maison de Ste Claire on the last day is at 1430 hrs (NSW time), so please choose the appropriate arrival and departure times when booking your flights.
  • The travel time from la Maison de Ste Claire to Coolangatta Airport is about 45 minutes.
  • Please allow 1 hour for check-in prior to your flight's scheduled departure time and also make note of Daylight Savings if travelling between the 6/10/2019 to 5/04/2020, 4/10/2020 to 4/04/2021 & 3/10/2021 to 3/04/2022.

Once you’ve paid the deposit,

  • You will receive an email with information for your French assessment between 45 to 50 days prior to your arrival at la Maison de Ste Claire.
  • You will be provided with our mobile numbers, meeting point for airport pick-up, What to Bring List and other general information .
  • For your oral assessment, please send an mp3 file with a recording of the question with your answer to each question (Download the questions here). Please do so in an impromptu manner as to allow a truthful assessment so we could better prepare materials for your positive development.
  • For your writing assessment, please send a 200 word essay on “Mes dernières vacances” for everyone and for the French Advance/Extension students, please also send a second essay with the topic of “Le bonheur, qu’est-ce que ca veut dire pour toi?” (either in .pdf, word or pages documents).
  • For the Year 8 students, please cover questions requiring answers in the present tense only and an essay about,“Ma famille, mes amis et moi”.
  • Both assessments are to be emailed to this email address a month prior to the start of your French Immersion Program at la Maison de Ste Claire.
  • Please bring either your Iphone or smartphone, laptop, Ipad or tablet (if you have one) for the transfer of French materials such as videos, interactive e-books for revision and/or for Flipped Class situation. These materials are also for future revision and phonetic work once you leave la Maison de Ste Claire.

“Through passion and excellence, we discover the hidden linguistics genius in you.”
“Speak languages: The future is at your fingertips, so shape your destiny today.”

Your Accommodation

As our guest, you are provided with onsite accommodation. Accommodation is mostly twin-share but could be up to four students in Fleur de Lys. Of course, boys and girls will be housed in separate sections:

  • Fleur de Lys: Quadruple Share: In Train Carriage 2 with ensuite (1 shower, 1 toilet, 1 sink and double spa bath). Direct access to main house, garden classroom and deck. 1 room - Fleur de Lys: 4 Single Beds
  • Fleur Violette: Twin Share: In Train Carriage 2 with ensuite (1 shower, 1 toilet and 1 sink). Direct access to deck. 1 room - Fleur Violette: 2 single beds.
  • Les Chambres Roses: Twin Share: In Train Carriage 1 with shared bathroom (2 showers, 2 toilets and 2 sinks). Direct access to main house and garden classroom. 3 rooms - Rose 1 & 2: 1 Bunk bed in each and Rose 3: 2 single beds
  • L’annexe: 1 room with access to the main house, deck and separate bathroom (1 shower, 1 toilet and 1 sink). 1 double bed and 1 to 2 single beds

We have the dormitory style accommodation for our youth and school groups.

After Maison de Ste Claire

  • Do come again!
  • Students will leave with a personalised interactive e-book or videos, downloadable onto your laptop/mobile phone/ IPad for phonetic work.
  • Please request for a short report from the teacher, as we'd be more than happy to provide this also.
  • Dr Gilles Berger is also an assessor for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation.

After your time with us, we offer our continuing support which include:

  • The Online French Course (comprehensive and interactive).
  • The weekly French Webinar for online French lessons (flipped class) to complement the learning process of above (a small group of 10 students).
  • The weekly Live_chat Private Tuition (1:1).
  • French Writing: corrected and returned.
  • The series of Interactive eBooks via the Apple platform.

La Maison de Ste Claire supports you all the way!


Fee Structure 2020

  • 5-Day Intensive Program $ 1 690
  • 6-Day Intensive Program $ 1 799
  • 7-Day Intensive Program $ 1 899
  • 14-Day Intensive Program $ 2 999
  • 21-Day Intensive Program $ 4 599

Please note that there is a discount of $50 for the second sibling attending in the same year as well as for any students attending for the second or more times in the same year. Please advice when you are making a booking.

What does the price include?

  • All tuition fees, workbooks for students (except textbooks), accommodation, all meals (including morning and afternoon-tea) and all activities at Maison de Ste Claire.
  • Personalised videos and ebook for revision and phonetic work, including mp3&4 files downloaded onto your laptops/IPhone/Smartphone/IPAD.
  • One complimentary excursion per week (minimum 7 day stay), either to Coolangatta Beach, Byron Bay or the Natural Arch Springbrook National Park.
  • Airport return transfer for Coolangatta Airport.

Payment can be made by

  • Credit or Debit Card: Please, if you would like to pay the AUD$150 DEPOSIT ONLY by card NOW.
  • Electronic transfer, National Australia Bank BSB 082738, Cheque A/C 946475496, Name: Maison de Ste Claire.
  • Cheque or money order in the order of Maison de Ste Claire, please.

Conditions of Enrolment

  • No enrolment is accepted without a $150 deposit..
  • Fees are not refundable where enrolment is cancelled by a student due to changes in work commitments or personal circumstances but can be used within 12 months of purchase. Only applicable if Maison de Ste Claire is advised at least 14 days prior to your intended arrival.

You'll Love Our French Adventure ParadiseA unique family home, set atop a hill, surrounded by subtropical rainforest, with spectacular views over the valley, the Border Ranges, the World Heritage-listed Numinbah Nature Reserve and glimpses of Mount Warning behind the majestic white gum trees. Fresh organic food, produced and cooked daily at Maison de Ste Claire. Local natural spring water, and special energised water.


Maison de Ste. Claire21 Kazungula Place, Upper Crystal Creek NSW 2484 Australia
The closest airport is the Coolangatta Airport (OOL) on the Gold Coast



We believe in creating a multilingual World Community for World Peace and the development of spiritual growth.


is to act as a force of good throughout the world. We achieve this goal through education, ecology and ethics, and nurturing our love of humanity and nature, and celebrating the cultural and linguistics diversity of the world.


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