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La Maison de Sainte Claire is a Cultural and Linguistics Immersion Centre for French Learning, situated in Upper Crystal Creek, northern New South Wales. Here, the students revel in a relaxed and wholesome setting, in a convivial, family atmosphere. Student numbers per course is small (maximum of 6 adults), ensuring total personal attention for each and everyone.

Courses here are from beginners to advance. Our highly qualified language consultant will tailor-make a program based on an open communication with you to best fulfil your needs. Whether your interest in French is recreational, professional or somewhere in between, you will be well satisfied by Maison de Ste. Claire’s programs. Not only will you be provided with the course workbook, but you will also go home with a personalised interactive e-book for phonetic work. For your personal progress after leaving Maison de St Claire, we can provide private lessons via the internet for an hour per week for a period of 10 weeks. During this time, French movies (subtitled in French) are provided once per week for your "educational" recreation. Adult and youth groups are never hosted at the same time unless in a group of families and friends.

The morning starts with a delicious French or continental breakfast; of "les tartines" or "les baguettes", hot croissants, "petit pain aux chocolat", fresh breads, Brioche or Gugelhulf (traditional sweet bread for Sunday breakfast in Alsace) with la Maison de Sainte Claire organic home-made conserves, organic cereal, yoghurt and fresh fruit. This is followed by an intensive four-hour French lesson, with a morning-tea break. Lunches and dinners are mainly two to three-course meals, with provincial cuisines from throughout France. The type of food is of course, seasonal. Afternoon activities varies, which could include gardening, planting rainforest trees, role play, revision, lab work, playing pétanque, swimming in the pool, French cooking, bush walking, watching French Musicals or simply relaxing in this beautiful environment. We encourage our students to converse in French throughout the day, in a very relaxed atmosphere. Evening activities include watching French movies (subtitled in French), indoor games or listening to french music.

We do require a minimum of four students for a group or the one-to-one tuition price is applicable (at $450 per day).

The procedure to follow is below:

  • To confirm your booking, please enrol now by clicking the BOOKING button below and send a deposit of $150.
  • Please complete the Student information form and return by email or snail mail. Please specify any dietary requirement and/or food allergies.
  • For your oral assessment, please send an mp3 file with a recording of the question with your answer to each question (Download the questions here). Please do so in an impromptu manner as to allow a truthful assessment so we could better prepare materials for your positive development.
  • For your writing assessment, please send a 200 word essay on "Mes dernier vacances" for everyone and for the advance students, please also send a second essay with the topic of “Le bonheur, qu’est-ce que ca veut dire pour toi?” (either in .pdf, word or pages documents).
  • Full payment is to be made on the first day of the month of your arrival at la Maison de Sainte Claire. Please request an invoice/receipt if required.
  • Please send us your flight details once purchased.

Availability for 2019

Travel to France
Fri 03 to Mon 06/05/2019 Level A1: 4 day program 5 rooms available
(Chambres Rose 1- 3, Violette & Fleur de Lys)
Mon 18 to Sun 24/03/2019 Level A1/A2: 5 - 7 day program 5 rooms available
(Chambres Rose 1- 3, Violette & Fleur de Lys)
Mon 09 to Sun 15/09/2019 Level A1/A2: 7 day program 5 rooms available
(Chambres Rose 1- 3, Violette & Fleur de Lys)
Mon 25 to Sun 31/03/2019 Level B1/B2: 5 - 7 day program 5 rooms available
(Chambres Rose 1- 3, Violette & Fleur de Lys)
Mon 16 to Sun 22/09/2019 Level A2/B1: 7 day program 5 rooms available
(Chambres Rose 1- 3, Violette & Fleur de Lys)
Mon 01 to Fri 05/04/2019
or Mon 01 to Sun 07/04/2019
Level B2/C1: 5 - 7 day program 5 rooms available
(Chambres Rose 1- 3, Violette & Fleur de Lys)

The closest airport to la Maison de Sainte Claire is the Coolangatta Airport (OOL) on the Gold Coast, and we do provide airport return transfer. Airport pick-up at Coolangatta is at 1030 hr (NSW time) and departure from la Maison de Sainte Claire on the last day is at 1430 hr (NSW time), so please choose the appropriate arrival and departure times when booking your flights, and be aware of daylight savings if applicable as Coolangatta Airport on the Gold Coast is within the QLD time. The travel time from Maison de St Claire to Coolangatta Airport is about 45 minutes, therefore, please allow 1 hour for check-in prior to your flight's scheduled departure time.

If you require any further information of the French program you are interested in (brochures, promo DVD etc), either ring (02) 6679 1016 or email, with your postal address. Thank you for your support which we greatly appreciate, and we look forward to welcoming you at la Maison de Sainte Claire. A très bientôt!

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You'll Love Our French Adventure ParadiseA unique family home, set atop a hill, surrounded by subtropical rainforest, with spectacular views over the valley, the Border Ranges, the World Heritage-listed Numinbah Nature Reserve and glimpses of Mount Warning behind the majestic white gum trees. Fresh organic food, produced and cooked daily at Maison de St Claire. Local natural spring water, and special energised water.


Maison de Ste. Claire21 Kazungula Place, Upper Crystal Creek NSW 2484 Australia
The closest airport is the Coolangatta Airport (OOL) on the Gold Coast



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