Online French Modules & e-Book Series for Mobile LearningLa Maison de Ste Claire supports you all the way!
Just bring your enthusiasm and curiosity for an accelerated progress.
Save time & money.

Through our support material on- and off-line, experience independent learning from the comfort of your home: French Hybrid Online Course, Live-chat Oral Tuition / Writing, French Webinar & e-Book Series.
All interactive with a great design and easy to use for fun in learning.
Using the the Information and Communication Technologies for Education (ICTC), inclusive of short quiz and mind maps to aid your learning process. Actualised Mobile Assisted Language Learning for French.
Choose your level and do the evaluation test (if you are a straight beginner or beginner, A1, stage 1). If you obtain at least 60%, then you can do the next test, say A2 and so on...
We also offer a free webinar once a week. We will contact you once you have purchased your first block of 12 weeks (A1 stage 1, A1 stage 2, A1 stage 3 or A2 stage 1, etc.)
During the webinar, you can ask questions about the progression of the course or any other question, grammar, topics, vocabulary and of course, it will be an opportunity to practise your French.
At the end of a block, you will have a mark with all the quizzes you will have done. You need to get at least 60 % to buy the next level.
The exercises are part of a formative evaluation whereas the quizzes are part of summative assessment. Given throughout the learning process, formative assessments seek to determine how students are progressing through a certain learning goal. The summative on the other hand, is given at the end of the year or unit (summative assessments assess a student's mastery of a topic after instruction), whence usually a mark is given.
You also will get 20 % discount on your next block if you purchase it before the end of the first 12 weeks (For example, let's say you bought A1 stage 1 and you are confident your are doing well and you decide to go ahead for another block of 12 weeks as you will know your mark along the way or you could always ask Dr Gilles Berger advice during the webinar.