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    Learn French Online. Enjoy Mobile Learning.
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Online French Modules
La Maison de Ste Claire supports you all the way! Through our support material on- and off-line, experience independent learning from the comfort of your home. Save time & money.

French Workshop at your Premises
We provide an a-la-carte program specified to the group requirement as established with your teacher. Students will receive an interactive e-Book at the completion of the workshop for revision.

Residential Immersion
La Maison de Ste Claire offers a complete concept for accelerated eco-language learning and cultural understanding. This enables mastery of the French language through total immersion.


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February to June
Travel2France: Four Week Easy French Program
Going to France? Learn French before you go! ❤

Join the 4-week online French course, Travel2France - First week FREE!

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✓ Travel2France French Online Course ❤
16 to 22 March 2020 ADULTS B1/B2 LEVEL Residential Immersion French Course

Enjoy a wholesome experience, good for the mind, body and soul. Apart from the cognitive benefits of rewiring the brain, improved memory, concentration, better listening skills etc … French is a very sexy language to learn.

Get your mates to enrol too for a fun time together! The more, the merrier.

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✓ MARCH 2020 Adult B1/B2 Residential Immersion French Program ❤❤
23 to 29 March 2020 ADULTS A1/A2 LEVEL Residential Immersion French Course

Join the ADVENTURE and have FUN learning French. Speak 'tres chic' French for the ladies and develop 'suave' French conversations for the gentlemen. This course is to reinforce students’ knowledge, improve their proficiency and phonetics to develop stronger motivation and confidence.

Get your buddies to enrol too for a fun time together! The more, the merrier.

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✓ MARCH 2020 Adult A1/A2 Residential Immersion French Program ❤❤
14 to 20 April 2020 YOUTH Years 11 & 12 Residential Immersion French Course

Through passion and excellence, we discover the hidden linguistics genius in you. Speak languages: The future is at your fingertips, so shape your destiny today..

ACE your French exams & ready to speak like a French. Oh la la ....

21 to 27 April 2020 YOUTH Years 9 & 10 Residential Immersion French Course

Attend this course to fine-tune all your language skills and be well prepared to ace your high school French examinations.

Get your study buddies to enrol too, for a fun time together! The more, the merrier.



We believe in creating a multilingual World Community for World Peace and the development of spiritual growth.


is to act as a force of good throughout the world. We achieve this goal through education, ecology and ethics, and nurturing our love of humanity and nature, and celebrating the cultural and linguistics diversity of the world.


We embrace all the people of the world and belief in equality in humanity. And to have a heart that certainly beats with the pulsation of humanity.